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Client Testimonials

I’ve had a lot of success with weight loss and overall improvement in my level of fitness, and working with Tae-Woo has been a huge factor. Before I was working with him, I found that I was hitting walls constantly and progress was pretty slow, but he helped me a lot with clearing up some common misconceptions with weight loss and nutrition. One of the biggest benefits I’ve found is that he provides exercise routines and nutrition goals and does a lot of the work for you in figuring out what you need to do to succeed. Working with him has made me feel stronger and more confident than ever, and I really can’t recommend him enough!

Mike R

Tae-woo has been my nutrition coach since November 2021. These last three months have been an incredibly productive period as he’s helped me establish routines and diet that are aligned with my health and fitness goals. Tae-woo is great at setting manageable expectations and goals that take into account your current work schedule. He is incredibly kind and professional, and his positive mindset is infectious. With his guidance, I have developed better eating habits and diet, being more mindful to eat sufficient amounts of protein and vegetables while limiting excessive carbohydrate intake. Tae-woo has also helped me establish healthier sleep and exercise routines. I am already seeing results. Before I started with Tae-woo, I was overweight and was feeling tired all of the time. These days, I am full of energy and motivation, and I’ve also lost a noticeable amount of belly fat! For anyone with a busy and stressful schedule, I cannot recommend Tae-woo enough as a nutrition coach.

David S.

As a dancer, I’ve participated in every single fad diet/workout routine out there. It wasn’t until Tae-Woo that I really started feeding and working my body in a way that I started to see shifts! Tae-Woo is such an intuitive and caring trainer and nutritionist. He really dives into your life to figure out what works best for you, your schedule, and your body. I’ve never worked with a trainer/nutritionist who’s so tuned into his clients before. His suggestions aren’t invasive and easy to apply to everyday life. He is easily accessible and always available for questions. I highly recommend working with him if you’re looking to turn your lifestyle around.

Vivian K.

I started working with Tae-Woo on my fitness journey when I hit a wall. I didn’t know where to start but I knew I wanted to get in shape and feel develop a healthy relationship with fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle. At my first consultation, we went through all of my goals and it was challenging but he was so kind and reassured me we would get there. From that point, I worked with Tae-Woo twice a week and worked out on my own two other days. He taught me new exercises, helped me train muscle groups which I had neglected over the years, how to use new machines, and feel confident in the gym. Not only was he a great fitness mentor he became a friend over time and I genuinely looked forward to our sessions. The time flew by because we were chatting and laughing while I was working out. The skills I learned from our sessions I am able to apply to my workouts today and I feel proud of the progress I have made. Working with Tae-Woo is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to reach their fitness goals with an awesome and knowledgeable trainer.

Priya S.

Over the years, I‘ve had poor trainers, good trainers, and great trainers. Poor trainers walked me through their one-size-fits-all package of preferred stretches and weight room routines. Good trainers helped me meet my goals by offering suggestions and cheering me on. But Tae-woo was a great trainer. He observed my movements in every session before offering suggested adjustments, complimented my strengths and efforts, and designed a new plan weekly based on what he saw me do to systematically move me to the next level of flexibility, balance, and strength for functional everyday demands. I got individualized attention and programming to maximize MY body and make it work FOR me and not against me.

Christine M.

I worked with Tae-woo for 2 years at a local gym. My primary source of fitness at the time was running. At the age of 53 (at the time), I decided I wanted to get into some total body fitness with weights. I was paired with Tae-woo. It was a great experience. Tae-woo was always very strict in making sure the exercises were being done properly so it would not result in injury. He was very patient and explained the area of the body that was being worked with every exercise. Above all of this, he was the most positive person I have ever met. He was always so positive encouraging even on days when I was not “feeling it”. I felt like I was a person to Tae-woo, not just another client. I have continued with my fitness journey over the years and all of this is due to my positive and encouraging experience with Tae-woo.

Mike L. 

I’ve had amazing fun and success training with Tae-woo, and couldn’t recommend him more! Tae-woo helped me refine my attitude about working out and was incredibly helpful in tailoring exercises suited to my specific goals. The exercises were challenging and equally enjoyable having Tae-woo there to motivate me on the side. I started seeing physical results in the first couple of months and felt noticeably stronger as well. This was the push I needed to start my fitness journey and I encourage anyone interested in starting their own journey to consider Tae-woo! He’s the best!

Damian G. 

Tae-Woo is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to fitness. Having worked out prior to knowing Tae-Woo, I already had an idea of workouts. I wasn’t a beginner. But Tae-Woo helped me discover other workouts that were more effective and provided me the advice and guidance in getting the most out of my workouts. He helped me expand my fitness repertoire, helped me improve my form, and helped me build strength the right way. Thanks for everything!

Alejandro E. 

I have trained with Tae-Woo on a fairly regular basis, and have been very impressed by his knowledge, professionalism, the way he communicates, and his flexibility and adaptability. He quickly assessed my goals and abilities and customized a plan that was perfect for me. He did this so well and so quickly, that I felt like he’s known me for a long time. My sessions with Tae-Woo have been very productive, with great results, and even some laughs.

Peter H.