About Me

Hey there WaeTooFitters,


I am a personal trainer/online coach based in San Francisco, California…BUT originally from Nebraska (Go Big Red!) I have suffered from body image issues since elementary school. I was fat and chubby growing up, leading to low self-esteem/confidence and some anxiety and insecurity problems. But the ultimate thing that helped me…FITNESS. After getting hooked on it, I never looked back!

I started off on my fitness journey freshmen year of high school, where I first started lifting weights to lose some weight and be muscular. After being in fitness for over a decade, I’ve learned that fitness is much more than just losing fat and building muscle. On top of losing fat and building muscle, now I’m a huge advocate for proper movement/nutrition, sustainable living, injury prevention, and the enjoyment of making fitness and wellness a lifestyle.

I received my education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Nutrition and Exercise Science. I am an ACSM-certified trainer, Animal Flow LVL 3 instructor/Regional Leader for San Francisco, and a Nutritional Coaching Institute LVL 1/Precision Nutrition LVL 1 Coach. My other fitness specialties include Olympic lifting, powerlifting, strength training, injury prevention, kettlebell training, bodyweight training, and more! Since fitness and nutrition are constantly evolving, I plan to grow and improve with them by obtaining additional certifications and specialties.

Because of the challenges I personally went through first starting off on my fitness, I want to impact and inspire as many people as I can to make fitness a lifestyle. After training numerous clients with all sorts of backgrounds, I’ve learned that everyone is different. To be truly effective, a good fitness/nutrition program must be personalized for each individual. My job as a trainer/coach is to make fitness and nutrition easy and enjoyable for you to maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and find your superpowers, you’ve come to the right place. I’m glad that you’re taking this step to change your life. You’re trusting me to take you on this journey, and for that I am grateful.

Let’s make it happen together and have fun while we’re at it!

#FindYourSuperPowers #WaeTooFit #StayFlowy


Bachelor of Science | Nutrition & Exercise Science
University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2016

Master of Science | Nutrition & Exercise Science
University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2019